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Safecare Network provides innovative, high-quality healthcare for local communities by working in partnership with others.

Specialist Assessment for Frail and Elderly


Safecare was commissioned by North Lincolnshire CCG to run the SAFE (Specialist Assessment for Frail and Elderly) Service commencing from August 2018. This is an innovative service designed to improve the wellbeing of the North Lincolnshire’s elderly and frail residents by reviewing their physical, psychological, social and environmental needs holistically. The service places the patient at the centre of the assessment and the outcomes are tailored to them on an individual basis. Assessments are conducted by a GP or a geriatrician. Care plans are made for each patient based on their needs and preferences. Multidisciplinary team meetings are held with community nurses, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social services to enable the outcomes to be achieved in a coordinated manner and to encourage the sharing of expertise within the team. The meetings are organised by Safecare’s MDT coordinator who acts as a liaison with the care homes in our region. Care homes are encouraged to directly refer new residents who show signs of frailty so that they can have their needs addressed both rapidly and effectively.
Download the SAFE Patient Satisfaction Survey

First Contact Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal (MSK) related health issues are the most common cause of frequent and repeat GP appointments and  can account for between 10 and  20 per cent of overall appointments; most of them could be dealt with by a physiotherapist without any need to see the GP.

The First Contact Physio project is the first of its kind in North Lincolnshire. It will see all 19 practices working together to support the delivery of a North Lincolnshire wide ‘First point of contact service’.

The role of First Point of Contact Physiotherapist

General practice ‘first contact’ physiotherapy roles are a relatively new form of self-referral which further develops GP and physio services alongside enhancing patient care. Evidence suggests that they have a strong role to play in supporting primary care, by broadening the primary care team, and supporting more services to be delivered in an ‘out of hospital’ setting. Patients can access physiotherapist expertise without the need to initially see a GP.


Benefits to you the patient

  • Patients with Musculoskeletal symptoms will have access to expert assessment, diagnosis, treatment and advice
  • The service removes the need for unnecessary GP appointments
  • A North Lincolnshire wide service that is also available locally to suit the needs of the patient
  • Longer appointment times means you feel listened to, cared for, and reassured, this can increase your own confidence to ‘self-care’
  • Access to the service will also be available in extended hours, increasing availability of the service to those who work or cannot access services during routine hours because of caring responsibilities etc…

Patients who do request an appointment with a GP for a MSK related condition will then have opportunity to choose whether they wish to be directly referred into the First Point of Contact Physiotherapy service. Appointments for this service will be offered at a variety of locations and times across North Lincolnshire.

Download the First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Important Patient Information

If your appointment has been booked, you will need to print and complete the following form and take it with you to your appointment.

Pre-Visit form to complete.

Video Consultation Available

You are now able to access video consultation for physiotherapy via your GP Practice. Please contact them directly to arrange an appointment.

GP Out of Hours Service

The GP Out of Hours Service is for patients residing in or visiting North Lincolnshire, who are experiencing a medical problem that cannot reasonably be expected to wait for the next opportunity to contact their own practice, in-hours. The service is currently been delivered from the Dermatology department at Scunthorpe General Hospital. The GP Out of Hours service provides urgent medical care between 6.30pm-12am on weekdays and 8am-12am at weekends and bank holidays.  This service is appointment only. To access the service, please contact NHS 111. NHS 111 will assess you and give you the option to speak to a nurse, doctor or paramedic if appropriate. You’ll then be advised where you need to go for treatment. This could be an urgent treatment centre, an out-of-hours GP service, your local GP in normal hours, or the nearest A&E if necessary. Download the GP Out of Hours Service Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)

Urgent treatment centres are a facility you can go to if you need urgent medical attention, but it’s not a life-threatening situation. The service is GP led and is open 8am-8pm. The service operates from the Emergency Department at Scunthorpe General Hospital. The UTC is equipped to diagnose and treat many of the most common ailments people go to A&E for. You may be referred to an urgent treatment centre by NHS 111 or by a GP. If you need urgent medical attention but it’s not a life-threatening situation, you should first call 111. If you think life is at risk, you should call 999. NHS 111 will assess you and give you the option to speak to a nurse, doctor or paramedic if appropriate. You’ll then be advised where you need to go for treatment. This could be an urgent treatment centre, an out-of-hours GP service, your local GP in normal hours, or the nearest A&E if necessary. All urgent treatment centres have clear processes in place if it’s decided you need treatment at A&E rather than at the urgent treatment centre. Download the UTC Patient Satisfaction Survey.